Misa Buckley was born in a Mancunian town in the early seventies and raised on a steady diet of Doctor Who and Star Trek. She was a confirmed sci fi geek before she hit her teens and remains one to this day. However, a love of books had her dip into her sister's Harlequin collection meant that when she started writing sci fi, there was a good dose of romance thrown into the mix.

Despite an active imagination, she didn't start writing until 2001, when Farscape killed off her favourite character. Unimpressed, she wrote a series of fan fiction stories and discovered a love of writing. That she wasn't half bad at it was an added bonus. Her first publication came in 2011, and was promptly followed by several more, including the Prism award-winning ARCHANGEL; a paranormal romance.

Misa is a full-time carer to her husband, and they live with their children, two dogs and a rabbit.